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MommyDaddy&i is a learning platform and an initiative to create a safe space for new and expecting parents to gain knowledge, engage, and share the experience of pregnancy and parenthood. MommyDaddy&i also provides a comprehensive suite of pregnancy and parenting-related articles, workshops, support systems, exclusive rewards, and privileges to make the pregnancy and parenting journeys into seamless and relatable experiences for others.

With dedicated groups gathered around similar interests and objectives, MommyDaddy&i provides one of the essential starting points needed for being an all-rounded parent: a safe space. Along with the ability to share information, a wide range of pregnancy-related tools are readily available for pregnant mothers to keep track of all their pregnancy health needs. Furthermore, new parents can also enjoy peace of mind when they embark on a journey of parenthood. From breastfeeding tools to baby lullabies, MommyDaddy&i allows new parents to become better equipped with parenting guides and the freedom to interact with the parent community.

Mummies-to-be and first-time parents can access reliable parenting information and pregnancy support through MommyDaddy&i, specifically catering to all parents to stay connected with a like-minded community, whether it is pre-pregnancy or post-pregnancy support.

As MommyDaddy&i members you will be entitled to redeem your FREE MommyDaddy&i Bag, enjoy perks and discounts from our committed partners. Most importantly, you are belong to MOMMYDADDY&I COMMUNITY! Receive updates and get invited to our events, workshops and many more!

Pregnancy 101

Learn about healthy pregnancy & the tips and tricks. Our articles are updated frequently and written by our panel of healthcare professionals.

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Product reviews from mommies, to mommies.If you are looking to get free products, and willing to share your honest reviews. Come join us and become our product tester. Your feedback as a product tester will provide us will valuable insights to help improve our partner’s products

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Parenthood Events

Antenatal Workshop (Parentcraft)
Antenatal Workshop (Parentcraft)

MommyDaddy&i introduces the 'Parentcraft Workshop' to equip and enrich new parents with the knowledge and skills they need in the ever-changing realities of a growing child – a recommendation by our experts. Couples who attend this workshop will walk away with a better understanding, action steps, and everyday know-how, which are crucial to parenting and caring for their child.

Breastfeeding Workshop
Breastfeeding Workshop

Breastfeeding gives our little ones the best start in life. It is essential knowledge for all new mothers. MommyDaddy&i provides this workshop to educate mothers, offering real-life insights and teaching appropriate techniques for effective breastfeeding based on shared experiences.

Parenting Workshop
Parenting Workshop

Many parenting books, articles, and magazines overlook or undermine the essential aspects of raising children and nurturing their relationships with parents. It's common for new parents to find the process of nurturing a growing child challenging. That's why we invite you to join the MommyDaddy&i 'Parenting Workshop,' where we introduce effective and practical parenting techniques, providing parents with valuable insights on the dos and don'ts of proper parenting.

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

Embrace the journey of parenthood with MommyDaddy&i's curated activities! From our enlightening breakfast talks that equips you with essential knowledge, to the empowering prenatal yoga exercises, where you'll gain real-life insights and techniques.

Mother's Day Event
Mother's Day Event

Join us for an enchanting celebration dedicated to the remarkable mothers in our lives! In the spirit of gratitude and love, we cordially invite you to an unforgettable Mother's Day event, where we honor the extraordinary women who have shaped our world with their warmth, wisdom, and boundless affection.