Parenthood Events

Prepare yourselves with confidence before welcoming your little one with our Antenatal Workshop, Breastfeeding Workshop and Parenting Workshop!

Antenatal Workshop (Parentcraft)

“Parentcraft workshop” was introduced by MommyDaddy&i to equip & enrich new parents with the knowledge & skills they needed to face the ever changing & growing child as per recommended by experts we’re closely working with. Couples attended this workshop will be taught on the essence of important knowledge and skills crucial to new parents.

Breastfeeding Workshop

Breastfeeding gives the little ones the best start in life. It is a must-know knowledge to all new mothers. MommyDaddy&i is providing this platform so that all mothers out there receive the accurate knowledge and know the right techniques to effective breastfeeding.

Parenting Workshop

Upbringing and the parent-child relationship are not often addressed and documented well in books, articles or magazine for parents to learn from. Nurturing a growing child can be a lot of hassle for new parents especially. Come and join us in MommyDaddy&i parenting workshop, parents will be introduced to the dos and don’ts of proper parenting techniques.