About Us

MommyDaddy&i is a learning platform and an initiative to create a safe space for new and expecting parents to gain knowledge, engage, and share the experience of pregnancy and parenthood. MommyDaddy&i also provides a comprehensive suite of pregnancy and parenting-related articles, workshops, support systems, exclusive rewards, and privileges to make the pregnancy and parenting journeys into seamless and relatable experiences for others.

With dedicated groups gathered around similar interests and objectives, MommyDaddy&i provides one of the essential starting points needed for being an all-rounded parent: a safe space. Along with the ability to share information, a wide range of pregnancy-related tools are readily available for pregnant mothers to keep track of all their pregnancy health needs. Furthermore, new parents can also enjoy peace of mind when they embark on a journey of parenthood. From breastfeeding tools to baby lullabies, MommyDaddy&i allows new parents to become better equipped with parenting guides and the freedom to interact with the parent community.

Mummies-to-be and first-time parents can access reliable parenting information and pregnancy support through MommyDaddy&i, specifically catering to all parents to stay connected with a like-minded community, whether it is pre-pregnancy or post-pregnancy support.