Pregnancy Journey
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Journey of Pregnancy Week 1 & 2

It’s impossible for you to realize that you were 1 week pregnant.  For women who knew they were pregnant, the earliest is 4 weeks and most of them knew when they were 6 weeks pregnant. Nothing can be seen when you are 1 week pregnant Fertilization can sometimes be hindered by fertility issues but no worries, 1 to 2 weeks is way too early for anyone to know if they were pregnant. No one in this world knows they were 1 week pregnant. Sometimes, people tend to exaggerate their claims, however, 1 week pregnant usually means the first week they were diagnosed with pregnancy. That can be in between 4-6 weeks gestational age. Happy news for your uterus Your uterus has got the news that fertilization has successfully occurred and now it prepares itself for implantation. Knowing the fact that you are 1 week pregnant, your uterus welcomes the resulting product of fertilisation with an open arm. It’s certainly a difficult task to pinpoint the exact date, let alone the exact time down to the second of which your egg has been fertilized by a sperm.  You might be having sex yesterday but the fertilization can happen anytime up to five days post sexual intercourse.  Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes, ovulation has not yet occurred by the time you were having sex but any moment now, you would ovulate and the egg would be fertilized by one of the available sperms. You are still 1 week pregnant though. Finger crossed. The wonders of pregnancy before you are 1 week pregnant If you want to know why pregnancy is considered a beautiful biological event, it’s because it involved a symphony of hormones raging through the uterine stage, working in concert with each other. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) are two hormones which work directly on the developing ovum. On the other hand, oestrogen will stimulate the lining of your uterus to grow thick for implantation if fertilization will ever take place soon.  Yes, that’s right, even before you are 1 week pregnant, your uterus has already prepared a place for your resulting embryo. It will shift itself into a state which we simply want it to be called as the “waiting period for uterus”. If fertilisation happens, then it will be happy to house that embryo. If not, then, they will simply pack up and bleed. Ridiculously difficult to estimate Once they (oestrogen) were high enough, the level of LH will spike. This causes the egg to burst through the wall of the ovary searching for her one true love. You know what, your delivery clock starts right about now. Yes, even before your husband’s sperm fertilized your egg, the time has started. You are considered 1 week pregnant even before fertilisation. That’s why it is ridiculously difficult or dare I say, impossible to predict its exact time of occurrences. Keep on munching those multivitamins, stop smoking, reduce your caffeine intake, stop drinking alcohol and try as best as you can to eat a healthy balanced diet. Snuggle with your partner and let him know that, whatever happens, you are prepared to face anything for the sake of your future baby. The science of pregnancy is something that is still being studied up until now. If you have problems conceiving even after trying for  more than 1 year, don’t be afraid and don’t worry about it too much. Just consult your doctor and raise your concern. To those whose fertilisation are unknowingly successful, congratulations. You are currently 1 week pregnant.  Nothing much to see though. Come again next week.