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Journey of Pregnancy Week 5

5 Weeks Pregnant: You Can See A Tiny, Orange-seed Like Figure

If you haven’t pee on a stick yet, do it now. When you are 5 weeks pregnant, the level of your human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) is high enough for the stick to show positive results. 

If you are curious about your child’s look, ever see an orange seed? Good, now add up a rudimentary head and a tail. Sure, they have a tail but fortunately, they would lose them a few weeks later. They wouldn’t have the right look yet, but slowly and surely, you would see them the way they will be. There’s too much to do up to this point. 

Which system or organ would function first when you are 5 weeks pregnant?

We have a few systems to cover and everything (circulatory, digestive, nervous, urinary system etc.) have to be made from scratch. There is no template for it. Your child is as unique as they will be. Try to guess which system would work first when you are 5 weeks pregnant? 

The answer is the heart. It will be at as early as this week but unfortunately for you, it’s usually visible by the 6th or 7th week onwards. No worries though. It’s unusual for anyone to meet their doctors for an examination during the fifth week. Right about now, their heart is composed of two tiny channels. It hasn’t fused to a full functioning, 4 chambers heart yet but it sure will. It needs to go ahead and activate first so that all cells would have their share of nutrients and oxygen from the maternal circulation. 

Apart from that system, their neural tube, which is the precursor of their spinal cord and brain will start to work as well, although right now, it still hasn’t sealed itself. It will be next week but not now, when you are only 5 weeks pregnant.

Their placenta is still under construction

One of the most important organs for your child is the placenta. Though it’s still under construction when you are 5 weeks pregnant, it’s a vital organ which allows a proper connection between the developing foetus and the uterine wall, or else, your child would be struggling in search of adequate nutrients and oxygen.

Regardless, the connection between a foetus and the uterine wall is an important factor which determines your state of health for the rest of the pregnancy. Those who failed at this physiological necessity would develop a condition called preeclampsia.

How does your child look in an ultrasound scan?

If you look at the ultrasound screen, you will see a tadpole. No kidding. That’s creepy right but as most people, especially those who are not at a high risk of complicated pregnancy, get dated at 8th to 9th weeks of pregnancy, few people actually have seen those tadpoles. 

You have to understand when you are 5 weeks pregnant, every single thing is in their early phase. The rudimentary tail which you have been freaked about is an important component of sperms to mobilise through your reproductive system, in search for the ovum. Without that vital part, you wouldn’t have a shot at pregnancy.

Wait for your turn patiently. When you know you are 5 weeks pregnant, everything seems like a dream. It’s a few weeks more before you will be asked to pee in the cup or they will take some blood to make sure you and your baby are doing fine. Try to start a pregnancy journal, plan a new diet or discuss financial planning with your partner to ease up your anxiousness. 

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